Industries Served

R. W. Gillespie and Associates provides professional services for wide variety of clients and markets. We are committed to assist you - owners, developers, designers, and contractors - in identifying and managing your project's uncertainties. We'll help reduce the potential for defects, delays and unanticipated costs, and help you deliver projects of higher quality, better value and less risk.

Our multi-discipline team can be advantageous during all phases of your project.
R. W. Gillespie's Geotechnical Services include site and foundation evaluations that are important for your project's reliability and service life performance.
Geohydrology and Environmental Consulting Services can help improve the beneficial development and protection of natural resources.
Our Materials Testing and Special Inspections group provides essential field and laboratory services for assuring and documenting project quality during design and construction phases.




Aviation Runways, taxiways, airport parking lots and structures all have their own design requirements and site challenges. We'll work closely with your design team to identify site conditions and make recommendations, and with your construction team to provide quality assurance by conducting field observations and laboratory tests.




Whether you're developing new commercial/retail sites or renovating an existing site, R. W. Gillespie & Associates can meet your geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting, and construction materials testing and building code special inspection needs. We have worked on projects ranging from individual commercial /office buildings to entire shopping centers and industrial parks.



Jefferson School in Maine

Photo Courtesy of Oak Point

Our educational clients run the gamut from elementary schools to public and private universities and colleges. Give us a call if you are considering new development, renovations or expansion of classrooms, dormitories, athletic fields, administrative offices, or maintenance facilities. We can be an integral part of your site selection, design and construction team.




Resilient and sustainable energy infrastructure is critical to our communities and region. Our experience includes a wide-range of energy related projects including power generation, transmission, and distribution projects for fossil, hydroelectric, biomass, geothermal, and wind generation, natural gas pipelines, high-voltage transmission line moment structures, and utility substations and compressor stations.




In our commitment to improving the quality of life in our communities, R.W. Gillespie & Associates provides technical services to local cities and towns, state and federal agencies, and the Department of Defense. Our governmental projects are as varied as the organizations and agencies we serve - aviation and naval facilities; fire and police stations; salt sheds; drinking water supply, treatment and distribution facilities; recreation facilities and parks; and military training facilities.




Infrastructure is important for a community's public health and economy. It also conveys the community's public image. Maintaining welcoming, sustainable and safe infrastructure can be a particular challenge for a community. From major highways to clean water, for major and minor roads, bridges, and sidewalk and trail construction, we can provide geotechnical engineering, environmental, and construction material testing services for both the private and public sector.



Emergency Room Entrance

If you are considering expanding to meet your medical facility's growth, our considerable experience would be an asset to your professional team during site selection, planning, design and construction. Our experience includes hospitals, back office and outpatient facilities, urgent care centers, treatment clinics, and parking garages.




R. W. Gillespie & Associates provides services for gravel pits, borrow pits and quarries that include but are not limited to: soil and rock investigation, material quality assessments, slope stability/landslide evaluations, groundwater testing and monitoring, permitting, vibration monitoring, and construction observations.



Telecom Tower Telephone Signal

From self-supporting to guyed towers on numerous telecommunication projects, we've helped our clients manage their development and construction costs, reduce their risk, and improve their project's reliability. (Tower photos courtesy of Industrial Communications.)